Best Ideas:
Meal Discussions

Planning Technology-rich Spaces for Learning
PKAL/NITLE/DePauw University Workshop
DePauw University
October 24 - 26, 2003

1. People
  • give one and 1/2 credit for innovative/exploratory courses
  • in regard to release time for project shepherd: "more is better"
  • need to rethink and reorganize our planning team; get the dean on board
  • think carefully about the interrelationships between the different kinds of stakeholders
2. Classroom
  • don't just assign classrooms based on size, but on layouts and options for quick change; layouts rarely get changed during a single day, but they do change from semester to semester
  • remember the more flexible the spaces, the more likely the need to do extra set-up before class
3. Furniture
  • classrooms can become flexible merely through the use of chairs that can swivel around and provide for different kinds of group interactions
4. Systems
  • a computer's life span is eight months, and a building's life span is fifty years; we need to build systems in a way to accommodate technologies that do not exist
  • use of compact shelving for old materials that get little use
5. Technology
  • "enable" faculty to use technologies; do not force
6. Planning
  • watch patterns of use, and respond to the needs those patterns reflect, including the unmet needs
7. Spaces
  • building agile and adaptable spaces
  • trends include movement away from totally open office areas to visible but private spaces
  • the location of service desks can be critical to their best use
  • we must develop a prototype for our new learning/teaching center
  • think about a new role for the library as planning for the new social sciences center evolves
8. Students  
9. Future
  • put library into capital campaign, even though renovation is a long way off
10. Vision  
11. Other
  • read "Teaching with your Mouth Closed"
  • do whatever we can to keep the L&T Center from being perceived as merely for IT concerns
  • need to ask, for our campus, does a "shopping mall" type of space lead to a lack of individual identity? Will there be a backlash in the future?