Best Ideas: DePauw University Plenary

Planning Technology-rich Spaces for Learning
PKAL/NITLE/DePauw University Workshop
DePauw University
October 24 - 26, 2003

1. People
2. Classrooms
  • construct prototype classrooms/labs to "test drive" spaces with students and faculty, particularly to test technologies and pedagogies before wide-spread renovation
3. Furniture
  • think of "lectern" as a desk with technology, and that sitting makes you "one of the class"
  • consider how "off-the-shelf" furniture can provide aesthetic balance to an elegant building, and yet keep the costs down
4. Systems
  • never undercut the infrastructure of the facility
5. Technologies
  • interactive DyKnow technology, which uses pen-based tablets to increase communications within the classroom
6. Planning
  • concept of the project shepherd as the guide and point person for the project; enhances work of building committee
  • shepherd must have institutional memory; must not have turf responsibilities, such as department head
  • use a trial-run schedule for spaces to find the trouble points of the flow of users within the library
7. Spaces
  • combined laboratory and classrooms, with use of partitions to divide laboratories between work spaces/study and discussion spaces
  • make spaces attractive to non-scientists
  • smartboards in the hallways, outside the classrooms
  • sightlines throughout the atrium give students ownership of the space
8. Students
  • student study spaces in labs, with wall separation
  • make 24/7 spaces available for student users
  • identify lounges as student lounges, rather than departmental lounges
9. Future
  • plan not for today, but for tomorrow
10. Vision
  • beautiful integration of laboratories, classrooms, social spaces and kitchen
  • planning, plans and facility fit well into the mission and heritage of DU
  • think big
  • keep focusing on the vision and be patient for the right timing/opportunity
11. Other
  • virtual tour/DVD to show donors
  • build it and they will come
  • open; open; open!