Best Ideas:
Closing Plenary - Workshop Participants

Planning Technology-rich Spaces for Learning
PKAL/NITLE/DePauw University Workshop
DePauw University
October 24 - 26, 2003

1. People
  • bring outsiders into the planning process
  • give enough people a voice, and yourself and you will find new ways to articulate yourself and your own ambitions
2. Classroom  
3. Furniture  
4. Systems  
5. Technologies  
6. Planning
  • keep lines of communication open and flowing
  • planning is organizational thinking
7. Spaces  
8. Students  
9. Future  
10. Vision
  • vision is the key thing
  • the primacy of the vision to the planning process
11. Other
  • it is reassuring that we are all sharing the same problems and that there are a multiplicity of approaches and that original thinking can be inspired if we keep sharing with each other
  • adapt rather than adopt the projects and practices of others, considering and developing multiple options for our own project