At-the-Table Discussions

At-the-Table Discussions
Friday, November 21, 2003
4:30 - 5:30 pm

Assembly leaders

Getting the right questions on the table is, from PKAL’s experience, a critical initial step in moving toward systemic and sustainable reforms. Following Dr. Jungck’s talk, individuals will write their one pressing question on the post-it notes at each table. These questions may have surfaced as a result of the plenary presentation, or may be questions that come from the experience of participants on their home campus.

After some communal discussions of the various questions, those around the table should pick one and begin to identify some possible answers to the questions. At about 5:20, we ask each table to prepare a poster for presentation during the reception and buffet dinner. Each poster should include the particular question addressed and some of the answers arrived at. All of the post-it notes from all those around the table should also be attached.

In earlier PKAL events focused on information technologies in the service of learning, participants arrived at questions such as:

  • Are there different learning styles and, if so, must these be included in the design of technology-rich learning experiences?
  • How can technologies facilitate the building of collaborative communities of learners?
  • How can technologies help teachers do a better job of setting priorities for presenting materials within a course and for recognizing when key concepts have been learned?
  • What will be the effect of the increasing use of information technologies on social interactions among students and faculty, and in achieving the national goal of serving all students?
  • What might the undergraduate STEM community look like in 2012 if we all took this seriously?

Your questions, and answers, are welcome.