Applied leadership

Moving from idea to physical reality in the process of planning new structures for science is a long, complicated, complex undertaking, one that involves the collaborative involvement and leadership of many members of your community. The challenge to those with leadership roles in the planning process - administrators, trustees, and faculty alike - is to create and sustain a community that is sympathetic with, and supportive of, a strong science program. There are different leadership and management roles that come into play in your planning. Each of these involves responsibilities that must be fulfilled if the project is to proceed as planned. How they are assumed and assigned, however, will differ from campus to campus based on local culture and policies, the level of expertise available on your campus, and the scope of your project. Project leaders must be mindful that all with a stake in the project have the opportunity to shape the vision for the new spaces and structure.

-- Excerpted from Structures for Science: A Handbook for Planning Facilities for Undergraduate Natural Science Communities, PKAL Volume III