Agenda for Action: Lynchburg College

Undergraduate Psychology Programs: Current Best Practices & the Future
June 2-5, 2002

Action Strategy and Timetable

  1. Develop a set of learning concepts (approximately 5) for General Psychology (2002-03 academic year).

  2. Develop active-learning exercises to introduce concepts (2002-03 academic year).

  3. Develop assessment activities (2002-03 academic year).

  4. Review and modify the current curriculum to include Developmental Psychology (2002-03 academic year).

  5. Plan an assessment program and staffing needs (2002-03 academic year).

  6. Come to a consensus on capstone experience(s), including assessment (2002-03 academic year).

  7. Rewrite and pilot the General Psychology Laboratory (2002-03 academic year).

  8. Move the General Psychology Laboratory - modify the existing facilities and staffing needs (2002-03 academic year).