Agenda for Action: Dickinson College

This essay describes how the sciences set the pattern for liberal education.

Undergraduate Psychology Programs: Current Best Practices & the Future
June 2-5, 2002


  • To create a common set of knowledge, skills, values (KSV) goals that our department agrees is important for our majors.
  • To begin to develop a program within this agreed-upon set of KSV goals.

Action Strategy

  1. Each individual member of department starts with 10 KSVs as suggested by APA and answers the following questions:

    • Is this an acceptable and/or important goal for every psychology major?
    • Is this an acceptable and/or important goal for our program?
    • Does this goal fit with the mission of the college?
    • What other KSVs apply to the above that have not already been suggested?

  2. Once we have agreed upon set of KSVs, then individually and as a group, answer the following questions:

    • What learning contexts currently address each KSV?
    • What new learning experiences are needed?

  3. Articulate the department program.

  4. Develop documents that communicate our program:

    • a departmental mission statement
    • a statement of expectations of faculty and students

  5. Begin to develop and articulate assessment strategies.