Agenda for Action: CUNY Hunter College

Undergraduate Psychology Programs: Current Best Practices & the Future
June 2-5, 2002


To reorganize the psychology major at Hunter College.


The department of 30 faculty serves 1,000 majors. There current exist opportunities to increase the number of credits and reorganize the major in a meaningful way.


  • To increase cohesiveness in Hunter College's psychology curriculum.
  • To increase cohesiveness of students' experience of their major field.
  • To ease the advising burden.

Action Strategy

Implement Two Courses:

  1. The profession of psychology
  2. An integrative capstone experience

Current Psychology Major Requirements:
  1. Psychology 100, + 1 other 100-level course (pre-requisites not counted as part of the major)
  2. Statistics
  3. Experimental
  4. Six psychology courses from four categories:
    • Applied Psychology
    • BioPsychology
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Developmental Psychology
    • Social Psychology
    • (4) 1 in each category at least 2 at the 300-level
    • (2) electives in psychology

Proposed Psychology Major Requirements:

  1. Current Requirements, plus
  2. Psychology Professions Course (after introductory course & after major declaration)
  3. An integrative capstone experience (in senior year)



  • Complete literature search on integrative experiences and professions course
  • Continue planning my professions course for Fall 2001
  • Examine opportunities that already exist in my department
    • Independent study (Research; Applied)
    • Seminar in Psychological Services
    • Independent Research
    • Honors
    • History/Systems
  • Reorganize curriculum (re # 251-299 courses); see what needs to be added (eg. internship course (Beginning, Advanced) Professions course capstone)

September - October

  • Present overview of PKAL Conference to department
  • Present ideas to curriculum committee and department

October - November

  • Work out assessment of changes, after incorporating feedback from department


  • Assess present seniors (implement on-going asssessment)


  • Put through school of A&S Curriculum Committee and Senate
  • Offer as special topics courses
  • Assessment


Faculty resistance to change will be overcome through their involvement in process