Agenda for Action: University of Alaska Anchorage

Quality Undergraduate Psychology Programs
July 25-28, 2001


To restructure and revamp a course in Human Developmental Psychology.


Dissatisfaction with student performance in my Human Development class has prompted a re-examination of how the class is taught and run. This has led to an investigation into alternative teaching and learning strategies.


To incorporate new learning and teaching strategies into the Human Development course in order to enhance student learning and facilitate their success in the 21st century.

Action Strategy

  • I will encourage analytical and critical thinking.
  • I will incorporate multi-dimensional and multiple assessment techniques.
  • I will foster collaborative and cooperative dialogues inside and outside of the classroom through technology and multimedia approaches.
  • I will do the above in order to establish a new level of discussion and integration of knowledge.

Time Line

The project has already begun and will continue into 2002 with certain points of action being implemented and assessed by the end of fall semester 2001.