About the Leadership Institute

Application Deadline: November 14, 2003

In 1997, PKAL received a grant from the NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences in support of a three-year series of Summer Leadership Institutes for the Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) Faculty for the 21st Century Network. These summer institutes provide the opportunity for a select group of F21 members to:

  • engage the major issues that SME&T leaders will be addressing into the 21st Century
  • interact with SME&T leaders
  • study leadership theory and practice leadership skills
  • reflect on personal and professional values and develop personal and leadership growth plans
  • experience both recreation and "re-creation"

A core group of mentors have been identified who agree to:

  • commit to at least one Leadership Institute each year
  • work with PKAL Staff and Institute Staff to identify the right issues for consideration by those that are emerging due to changes in science and society
  • continue to serve as mentors to Institute participants during the grant period.

These mentors, working with the Institute Staff and with PKAL Director Jeanne Narum, coordinate the Institutes. In addition, Leadership Institute Alumni (F21 members who have participated in previous Institutes) will serve as advisors.


All accepted applicants to the F21 Leadership Institutes are asked to:

  • Use the Leadership Institute as training for leadership that should ensue not only on their campus and the world, but also think seriously about taking on leadership roles in PKAL at more than a cursory level.
  • Submit a Follow-up Report six weeks after the Institute, describing their Institute experience and how the skills learned have affected/changed how they approach life and career.
  • Be prepared to serve PKAL in a leadership capacity in future events and other endeavors by helping to run leadership initiatives at future PKAL/F21 events and providing timely feedback for PKAL reports or proposals.
  • Continue to engage in discussions on leadership within the F21 Leadership Alumni community and to promote such discussions in other communities.

Applying to Participate

Up to fifteen applicants will be chosen for each F21 Leadership Institute. The individuals chosen to become Leadership Institute participants will receive a scholarship that will cover the registration fees of the institute.