A Vision for the NSDL
David Fulker, NSDL Executive Director

The emerging National Science Digital Libary (NSDL) will invigorate science, broadly defined, in this country and around the world as it significantly enhances learning in the STEM fields by students of all ages, at all academic levels, in formal and informal settings. Acting in networked communities, educators, scientists and librarians will be the primary agents working to achieve this goal of enhanced learning, by providing ready access for the broader community to a significant body of material that serves educational and scientific purposes. The NSDL also provides a foundation for building educational communities of practice that cut across discipline, sector, geography.

As a 'digital library,' the NSDL will provide new forms of cognitive leverage, offering a wide array of effective and context-appropriate technologies for:

  • discovering and organizing relevant library resources discriminately
  • understanding and making use of material with sophisticated scientific, mathematical and technical content
  • creating, sharing and sharpening pedagogical knowledge on unprecedented scales.

It will also advance the development and application of the theory and practice of digital libraries.