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The American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB) is pleased to announce the release of a new, on-demand web seminar series, iBioSeminars at This free-of-charge, open access site features 20 seminars from leading scientists (listed below). Each can be viewed either by Internet streaming video or downloaded onto a computer or an iPod. iBioSeminars were created to facilitate the communication of biological discoveries and the practice of science to students and institutions throughout the world.

The approximately 90-minute seminars (generally divided into 2-3 parts) offer material useful for both non-experts in the field and teaching advanced undergraduate/graduate students. They feature up-to-date research in a wide variety of areas central to biological mechanisms, medicine, and global health and energy. A "chroma key" technology has been used to produce these lectures in an engaging viewing format: Speakers are superimposed on, and interact with, the material on the slides.

The ASCB invites you to sample iBioSeminars and pass along this message to your colleagues and students. They welcome your feedback, especially on how the project might be improved. Feedback can delivered through the iBioSeminars website. The goal is to produce 20 additional lectures in 2008.

Download a JPEG or PDF poster of the iBioSeminars series for posting at your institution.

The launch of iBioSeminars was supported by the ASCB and grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UCSF Global Health Sciences, and the Carnegie Foundation of New York. The project would not have been possible without the leadership and vision of Ron Vale.

List of speakers and topics:
Norma Andrews, Parasitic Disease and Cell Biology
David Baltimore, HIV (the AIDS virus)
Mary Beckerle, Adhesion, Signaling, and Cancer
Joseph DeRisi, Malaria
Brian Druker, Signaling and Cancer Chemotherapy
Stan Falkow, Host-Pathogen Interactions and Human Disease
Elaine Fuchs, Stem Cells
Cynthia Kenyon, Mechanisms of Aging
Chaitan Khosla, Polyketide Biosynthesis
Satyajit Mayor, Lipid Rafts
John McKinney, Tuberculosis
Toto Olivera, Cone Snail Toxins and Medicine
Martin Raff, Size Regulation
Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado, Regeneration
Randy Schekman, Protein Secretion and Vesicle Trafficking
Lucy Shapiro, Bacterial Cell Dynamics and Global Epidemics
Chris Somerville, Biofuels
Julie Theriot, Actin and Cell Motility
Ron Vale, Molecular Motors
Xiaodong Wang, Apoptosis

Ron Vale, Mary Beckerle, and Bruce Alberts
ASCB International Affairs Committee
Joan R. Goldberg, Executive Director
American Society for Cell Biology