PKAL Sessions at the 2010 AAC&U Annual Meeting

PKAL President’s Forum: Shaping PKAL/STEM Priorities for the Next Five Years

Acknowledging the broad-based campus support for the PKAL Transition, this invitational forum will locate PKAL at AAC&U in the context of new priorities for STEM research and undergraduate learning. A research paper, entitled State of Undergraduate STEM Education as Project Kaleidoscope Affiliates with AAC&U (pdf) by Daniel F. Sullivan, Thomas F. Nelson Laird, and Christine Zimmerman was provided to seed discussion.

A plenary panel discussed the topic: Aiming High and Wide: What Will be Required for Real STEM Educational Transformation.

The panel was chaired by David W. Oxtoby, President, Pomona College and 2010 Chair of the AAC&U Board of Directors and had the following panelists: Peter J. Bruns, Vice President for Grants and Special Programs, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; James M. Gentile, President, Research Corporation for Science Advancement; Shirley M. Malcom, Director, Education and Human Resources, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Cora B. Marrett, Acting Deputy Director, National Science Foundation.

Susan Elrod, Director of Project Kaleidoscope, charged small groups to identify key questions for shaping the next generation agenda for PKAL.

Finally, Jay B. Labov, Senior Advisor for Education and Communication, Center for Education, National Research Council, synthesized the small group discussions and made concluding remarks regarding what it will take.