2008 Facilities Roundtable

Exhibit Information for Design Professionals

Registration Deadline: February 15, 2008

Exhibit Themes:

Design firms are invited to exhibit (1) one poster at the 2008 Roundtable. Exhibits are to illustrate recent project(s) that address one or more of the Roundtable themes of physical spaces that:

  1. reflect deep understanding of research on how people learn, in that they:
    • provide welcoming spaces for engaged, collaborative, discovery-based learning/research of students in the classroom and lab, serving both majors and non-majors
    • provide formal and informal spaces for learning in which faculty and students (both majors and non-majors) see themselves as members of a vibrant natural science community
    • provide spaces that accommodate with ease the 21st century pedagogies and technologies that strengthen student learning, from the very first day for all students through capstone experiences for majors.
  2. enhance institutional distinction over the long term, in that they:
    • contribute to the humanity and aesthetics of the campus
    • celebrate science as central to a 21st century liberal arts education, making “doing science” a visible part of the learning environment
    • are cost-effective to maintain, and are adaptable and flexible
    • are themselves laboratories for learning, particularly in regard to sustainability.
  3. connect 21st century learning in STEM fields to 21st century practice in S&T fields, in that they:
    • reflect the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of the contemporary S&T community
    • respond to the increasingly global nature of the contemporary S&T community
    • prepare the innovative, risk-taking, creative problem-solvers needed to continue to push America’s S&T community into the endless frontier.

There is no fee to exhibit. Easels will be provided. Poster materials become the property of Project Kaleidoscope and may be used at future PKAL events.

Poster Specifications:

  • The poster should be 30" x 40" and dry mounted on 1/4" or 3/16" heavy-duty exhibit board.
  • Include the following headings and information on the poster:
    • Poster Heading: Institution Name, Project or Building Name, City, State, and Project Category.
    • Project Overview: Architect, Consultants, Campus Contact(s), Type of Project (New/Renovation/Addition), Construction Cost, Design Period, Construction Period, Completion Date, Gross Square Feet, Net Square Feet.
    • Project Description: Four to six (4-6) bullets, offering highlights on the project.
    • Artwork: All artwork must be accompanied by captions.

Please send questions to Christina at pkal@pkal.org

Shipping Instructions:

Shipped exhibits are to be labeled as follows:

PKAL Roundtable
ATTN: Presenters Name
14750 Conference Center Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

Shipments should arrive NO EARLIER than Wednesday, February 27. Project Kaleidoscope staff will assemble and display all materials; please include any special assembly instructions in the package.