2002 F21 National Assembly

Field Trip: Naval Observatory

Washington, DC
October 12, 2002

(Fee: $25, to be invoiced at a later date)

On Saturday evening, October 12, F21 members can tour the United States Naval Observatory (USNO). The USNO is one of the oldest scientific agencies in the country. Established in 1830, the Observatory is the preeminent authority in the areas of precise time keeping and the measurement of celestial objects; determining and distributing the timing and astrometric data required for accurate navigation, targeting, communications, and fundamental astronomy.

The evening will include most, if not all, of the following activities:

  • a presentation of the Mission and History of the Naval Observatory
  • a view of the development of USNO's timekeeping responsibilities with a member of the Observatory's Time Service Department staff
  • discussion of the Observatory's activities researching double stars using the 26-inch Alvan Clark refractor
  • viewing of celestial objects with the 12-inch Alvan Clark refractor with an Astronomer (weather permitting)

Important things to remember about this event:

  • Participants must be United States citizens.
  • There is considerable walking on hilly ground in darkness during the tour. Please take this into consideration.
  • Cameras are NOT allowed. Please do not bring backpacks, bags, or any bulky items.

Space is limited and reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information about the USNO, see http://www.usno.navy.mil.

Registration is required for this event. The National Assembly cancellation policy applies to Pre-Assembly and Field Trip Events.