2002 F21 National Assembly

Pre-Event: Congressional Hearing

Washington, DC
October 11, 2002

(Fee: $25, fee waived with report)

On Friday morning, F21 members have the unique opportunity to attend and/or participate in a mock congressional hearing on Capitol Hill. House Science Committee Staffers will stand in for committee members and listen to testimony from and ask questions of F21 members about pressing issues in undergraduate STEM education. F21 members will be selected to testify before the 'House Science Committee' based upon an expressed interest to do so and the content of their submitted 2002 annual statement.

Registration is required for this event. The $25 registration fee will be waived with the submission of a report, in the form of a personal testimony to the House Science Committee, by November 15, 2002. The cancellation policy applies to Pre-Assembly and Field Trip Events.