2009 Learning Spaces & Technology Workshop

Presenter/Facilitator Information

I. Summary Agenda & Event Notebook

    Click here to review the summary agenda. The workshop notebook will be posted shortly before the event.

II. Plenary & Breakout Session Information

    By Thursday, February 19, send to pkal@pkal.org the following materials are needed:

    • One page session abstract (the draft abstracts from prior years are posted here). You can either approve the draft text from past workshops, revise it or send us new text. (Note: Jeanne will coordinate the abstract for Plenary I).
    • 3 -4 jpeg or gif images relating to your session to include in the event notebook.
    • List of suggested resources for event bibliography; this may relate to your session or other session topics.

    Session Coordination

    • While preparing the session, please review the PKAL Session Planning Guidelines.
    • If co-facilitating/presenting, please collaborate with co-facilitator(s) far in advance. Contact information for workshop facilitators is provided here.

III. Session Logistics

    • Audiovisual: LCD projectors will be provided in each session room. Presenters are to provide their own laptops and a back-up of their presentation on a disk. If co-presenting, please coordinate PowerPoint slides in advance into a single PowerPoint. If needing additional equipment or internet access, please be in touch with Christina.
    • Handouts: Materials for sessions (hand-outs) need to be prepared in advance. We recommend providing a hand-out/note page(s) for PowerPoints, as this is a convenience for participants. For plenaries, please prepare handouts for 90 people; for breakouts, please prepare handouts for 25 people.
    • Room set-up: To facilitate discussions and group activities, all session spaces will have participants seated at tables.
    • Post event-materials: As follow-up to the event, PKAL will post session PowerPoints and other event resources on the PKAL website. At the event, these materials will be gathered onsite by the PKAL staff.

IV. Snapshot Session (for Design Professionals)

    By Thursday, February 19, please email to pkal@pkal.org 2 (or more) JPEG slides for the Saturday Snapshot Session. Along with each slide, please provide a short description of the image.

    In this 45 minutes session, each of the presenting architects can present selected slides (slides that will not be repeated in the break-out sessions). There will be five minutes for the discussion of these slides: what were the questions that led to this physical solution; what was the one wonderful planning ‘event’ that happened in the evolution of those spaces; what student learning goals were addressed in the planning process and that are evident in the slides presented. Joan and Jeanne will orchestrate this, and will need annotated slides (candidates for the show) from each of the participating firms by the deadline, so they can build a nice set of contrasting stories, rather than duplicative ones. We are trying to integrate discussion of the planning process with a ‘heads-up’ on how the planning process proceeds and concludes.

V. Questions?