2009 Keck/PKAL Summer Institute

Poster Session Information

Each participating campus is asked to prepare a poster on their project, to be displayed on a 2’ x 3’ board which will be provided. In addition to ‘posting’ your poster on Wednesday, July 29 during registration, we ask that you:

  • Send in by July 15 your updated project description. These will be included in the pre-institute materials on the web, so that people come with a good sense of what is happening in the community. Please email to (pkalkeck@pkal.org).
  • Either during or before the institute, provide a digital copy of your poster to the PKAL office (pkalkeck@pkal.org).

These posters will:

  • remain up during our time together
  • serve as the 2008 – 2009 year-end status report due from each participating institution
  • provide the context from which the 2009 – 2010 agenda for action that you will ‘map’ during the institute and will present for critique during the final morning.

The poster should have the following (see example):

  • Diagrams, data, and images, including a picture of your team
  • Project Title & Institution Name and Address
  • Use Arial font; headings should be 38 pt.; body of the text should be 26 pt.
  • A 300-word abstract (goals/objectives) of the project as it can now be described; this is not the abstract in your application.
  • Bullets with the top five things you’ve accomplished during the 2008 – 2009 academic year.
  • A ‘hot tip!’ One low-cost, high impact strategy toward facilitating interdisciplinary learning that everyone should consider.
  • One specific problem (barrier) that you seek advice on addressing during the institute.