Breakout Session IIIC: Engaging Key Players

Jeanne L. Narum

Planning learning facilities is a complex, but exciting task. In addition to addressing the needs of the programs, planning needs to be consistent with overall institutional goals and directions as well as the institution’s comprehensive facilities plan. The plan needs to respond to the mission and vision of the institution and the programs at the institution. The planning process needs to be done thoughtfully and to proceed in key stages with the schedule and cost estimate revisited at the end of each stage.

Typical stages of design include a feasibility study and programming (the problem statement), conceptual design, schematic design, design development, and finally, construction document preparation. It is critical to have the key players at the planning table throughout the process. These participants include the faculty, key institutional administrators, those responsible for fundraising and other aspects of financing, the facilities staff , students, and the design team. We will discuss our experiences with the process and the critical roles that each party plays. We will focus on the faculty as key players and the VPAA’s responsibility to identify and bring together the key players.