Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Strong undergraduate STEM communities serve the broader interests of science and of society

May 28, 2004

    What [President] Wilson meant by the wholly awakened person who should be the ideal product of American higher education is a person awakened through the power of the imagination to a consciousness of possibilities... James Bryant Conant assures us that scientific discovery begins not in the finding of the laboratory but in the glimpses of the imagination... that the true scientist takes off, as the true poet does, not from the notes on hisdesk, but from a hunch, a feel in the bones, an intimation.

    If that is true, Mr. Wilson's whole person will make the better scientist, as he will be the better citizen of a free nation.
    – Archibald MacLeish. Education in the Nation's Service. 1959.

    To educate scientists who will be at home in society and to educate a society that will be at home with science...
    – NSF Advisory Committee on Science Education. 1970.

Connections has been the theme of PKAL Volume IV postings in May 2004, and we end with words about the connections between scientists, science and society.