Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Learning and Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics

April 26, 2006

With further exploration of the 2004 Curriculum Guide from CUPM (Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics), we continue exploring reports included in PKAL’s Report on Reports II, 2006. The work of the CUPM is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), which regularly produces publications of value to the extended community of leaders in undergraduate STEM, including but going beyond those with direct responsibility for the quality and character of undergraduate mathematics. See also:

Recognizing that April is Math Awareness Month, information about two efforts to transform the undergraduate learning environment in mathematics– BioQuest’s ESTEEM network and the International Conference on Teaching Mathematics 3 is also presented.

Reinforced in all these materials and announcements is the importance of the concept of “and” in thinking about new approaches to ensuring the undergraduates in American classrooms and labs across the country have access to a learning environment that prepares them for the future. And, in using “and” to describe how disciplines must come together if undergraduate programs are to be relevant, mathematics is often on one side of the equation.