Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Leadership & the F21 National Assembly

July 30, 2004


Announcing a new PKAL publication: Leadership. It is being distributed to the PKAL F21 community and to institutional teams participating in the new PKAL initiative. Please contact pkal@pkal.org if you would like multiple copies for use in your community.

Background– 2002 publication: Two years ago, PKAL compiled and distributed a Report on Reports, in which was captured highlights from a twenty-year collection of reports relevant to the work of transforming undergraduate STEM. An intent of that document was to signal that what needs to be done and how it is to be done has been discussed for decades and that it was time to translate recommendations into policies, practices and programs that ensure a strong learning environment for all students.

2004 Leadership publication: We have now compiled a companion document to the 2002 publication. It captures some wisdom about the theory of leadership and about experiences of 21st century leaders in translating those theories into action. The intent is to signal that there is a solid base of theory of leadership from which current and rising leaders can shape their future, and to provide a tool for individuals and institutions to figure out what works in their context to nurture and support leaders.

A "tear-out" survey in the center of the publication can be used to inform individual, departmental and institutional reflections on the nature of leadership in their community.