What Works: Leadership

Summer Leadership Series

Including essays by Kathie Olsen, Director of the National Science Foundation; Freeman A. Hrabowski, President of the University of Maryland Baltimore County; and Karan Watson, Dean of Faculties at Texas A & M University. Also an interview with Congressman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY), Chairman of the House Science Committee, as well as F21 class statements.
Leadership matters. Although passionate commitment to diversity may exist at any level of the campus, only commitment by the campus administration and senior faculty ensures that the values, goals and paths toward increased participation are essential to [every student’s] success. …Effective programs never stop asking basic questions about processes and outcomes: ‘Are we doing the job?’”
—Building Engineering & Science Talent [BEST]: The Talent Imperative
Change cannot happen in a vacuum. An undertaking of this magnitude can happen only through committed leadership at the highest levels. To meet [BHEF’s] goals by 2010, federal leaders must rise to this challenge, refocusing existing education and training efforts, creating the new policies, priorities, and programs that will transform the United States into a nation of learners.
—Business Higher Education Forum [BHEF]: Building a Nation of Learners

With these excerpts from two compelling national calls for action, we continue our focus on issues raised in the reports distilled in the pages of PKAL’s recent PKAL’s Report on Reports II, 2006. These calls for leadership at the local and national level shape PKAL’s current NSF-funded Leadership Leadership Initiative (LI) . During the past two academic years, PKAL has been collaborating with nearly seventy campuses across the country with identified PKAL LI leadership teams. Attending leadership seminars has been a central activity of PKAL LI institutional teams. In these seminars, the work of individual and institutional leaders is spotlighted. The goal of these seminars is to provide PKAL LI teams with time and resources to translate “what works” for other leaders into a feasible agenda for action on their home campuses.