Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Translating how people learn into a roadmap for institutional transformation

October 6, 2005

For the PKAL Volume IV postings this week we feature materials prepared for and emerging from the 2005 PKAL National Colloquium (Kansas City on 09/30/05 - 10/02/05). The general theme of the colloquium was "translating how people learn into a roadmap for institutional transformation." The approach was to examine "wisdom of practice" from the work of leading agents of change, and&emdash; from that examination&emdash; establish some base-line descriptors of what the college/university in 2015 will look like if it puts student learning at the center of its "rubics" cube for planning. The richness of the colloquium discussions will provide content for further PKAL Volume IV postings in coming months. We begin with presenting some of the resources for the KC colloquium, together with a description of some of the activities in which participants were involved, as well as some of the initial outcomes.