Focus on the future

The potential shortage of skilled workers could have devastating consequences for the future. Since it takes many years to train a scientist or engineer, we must invest now to guarantee the availability of a skilled and competent workforce for the 21st century.

... Based on a tight global ST&E workforce, changing demographics, and projected growth in ST&E jobs, it is in the national interest to vigorously pursue the development of domestic ST&E workers from all ethnic and gender groups. We should pay special attention to groups that are currently under-represented in the ST&E workforce, because it is with these groups that much of our nation's growing talent pool resides.

... And it is a fundamental responsibility of a modern nation to develop the talent of all its citizens.

Report from the National Science and Technology Council
"Ensuring a Strong U.S. Scientific, Technical, and Engineering Workforce in the 21st Century"
April 2000