PKAL Leaders in PKAL's Faculty for the 21st Century

Members of the PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century network play a primary leadership role in PKAL activities. F21 members hold seats on PKAL's Board of Directors, serve as project co-pis and serve as integral members of planning commitees.

Project Kaleidoscope Board of Directors

    Elizabeth F. McCormack, Professor of Physics- Bryn Mawr College (F21 Class of ’96)
    Daniel Wubah, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs-University of Florida (F21 Class of ‘99)

PKAL Phase VI Project on Pedagogies of Engagement

    F21 Members on Project Advisory Board Members
    Nkechi M. Agwu, Professor of Mathematics- CUNY - Borough of Manhattan Community College (F21 Class of '97)
    Stacey Lowery Bretz, Professor of Chemistry- Miami University (F21 Class of '96)
    Jeffrey J. Byrd, Professor & Chair of Biology- St Mary's College of Maryland (F21 Class of '94)
    Peter C. Chen, Professor of Chemistry- Spelman College (F21 Class of '95)
    Mary L. Crowe, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research- University of North Carolina at Greensboro (F21 Class of '98)
    Stephanie L. Fabritius, Dean of the College- Centre College (F21 Class of '97)
    Theodore Hodapp, Director of Education & Diversity Programs- American Physical Society (F21 Class of '95)
    Mary M. Kirchhoff, Director of the Education Division- American Chemical Society (F21 Class of '94)
    Walter M. Shriner, Associate Professor of Biology & Chair of the Teaching & Learning Cooperative- Mt. Hood Community College (F21 Class of '00)
    Tingxiu Wang, Professor of Mathematics- Oakton Community College (F21 Class of '96)

The Keck/PKAL Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning Project

    Project Co-pis
    Susan Elrod, Director of Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences- California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo (F21 Class of '01)
    Michael Kerchner, Associate Professor of Psychology- Washington College (F21 Class of '96)
    Stephanie Pfirman, Professor & Chair of Environmental Science- Barnard College (F21 Class of 1996)

    Several other F21 members are on the project team.

Summer Leadership Institutes & Mini Leadership Seminars