The process of reaching a campus consensus on planning or renovating spaces can create an ongoing campus community that is sympathetic and supportive of, a strong science program. It is this process that makes the planning of new spaces a defining moment in the life of an institution.

The opportunity to make a bricks and mortar contribution to an institution may come but once in a lifetime. In your planning process, press for a structure that contributes to the strength and clarity of your campus. Take care about how and where a facility is placed, how people experience it , the materials and design motifs used, and the proportions and rhythms that give it life.

As a kind of city in microcosm, it (the campus) has been shaped by the desire to create an ideal community, and has often been a vehicle for expressing the utopian social vision of the American imagination. Above all, the campus reveals the power that a physical environment can possess as the embodiment of an institution's character.
- Paul Venable Turner. Campus: An American Planning Tradition. MIT Press, 1995.