2002 Roundtable on the Future Essays

The goal of the Roundtable was to identify, from the experience of reflective practioners, ideas at the cutting-edge that are shaping the future of reform, and to translate those ideas into tools for practical use within the undergraduate community. A cadre of nationally-recognized experts in assessment shaped an agenda, and will be organizing the various sessions.

To apply to the Roundtable, potential participants were asked to submit an essay on one of the four topics designated for plenary discussion.

Briefly, essays were sought that describe the experience of the author/s:

  • with a specific tool or strategy in a specific learning environment (class, course, lab, etc.). Information should be provided on how the strategy was developed, the history of its use, etc. Descriptions of research on assessment practices are also welcome.
  • in setting goals for student learning, perhaps in the context of a disciplinary/interdisciplinary community, and how those goals then shaped the design or adaptation of assessment practices.
  • with scaling-up and institutionalizing assessment practices, in ways that are consistent with the institutional identity and mission. Further, essays are welcome that outline how assessment has been tied to the development of new pedagogies.
  • in becoming learners in the assessment community (personal stories).

Those essays are listed here.