F21 National Assembly

Sunday, October 8- 2006 PKAL F21 National Assembly

October 8, 2006


In our ‘flat world,’ leaders are being challenged to “rise above the gathering storm,” to work toward a ‘nation of innovators,’ and a ‘nation of learners.’ Given conversations about current collegial connections during the past two days of this assembly, discussions on this final day focus on the future, on the grand challenges facing leaders in undergraduate STEM, and of our individual and collective roles in shaping that future.


There will be an emerging consensus within the PKAL F21 network about what Project Kaleidoscope is to be about in the coming decade, given PKAL’s persisting mission, vision of what works, and community of experienced and committed agents of change.


Individual assembly participants understand the potential continuing contribution of the PKAL community to serve the national good, and appreciate his or her opportunities for leadership through PKAL in the ongoing and unfinished national effort to transform the STEM learning environment for all students in our country.


An examination and discussion of how the expertise and experience of the PKAL community can focus more directly on issues relating to:

  • interdisciplinary undergraduate STEM education
  • building more effective PKAL connections to community/two-year colleges, research universities, and minority-serving institutions
  • new and changing roles for STEM faculty in undergraduate settings
  • engaging the STEM community in preparing K-12 teachers.


Time for discussions in small groups and plenary sessions about the particular “grand challenges in undergraduate STEM education” identified by the National Steering Committee as potential next steps for PKAL.



A Kaleidoscopic Perspective on PKAL's Future
National Steering Committee
SIX GRAND CHALLENGES IN UNDERGRADUATE STEM EDUCATION (based on white paper from PKAL’s National Steering Committee)