F21 National Assembly

Saturday, October 7- 2006 PKAL F21 National Assembly

October 7, 2006


The necessity and power of collaborations, networks, and partnerships is one significant lesson learned from the work of those having made demonstrable progress in transforming undergraduate STEM education. On Day Two of the 2006 PKAL F21 National Assembly, participants will examine what works in "coming together" across boundaries of discipline, geography, and institutional type, and to discuss the great potential such collaborations present. Day Two presents an opportunity for "coming together" to realize a collective vision for the 21st century about strenghtening student learning in STEM fields.


F21 members will be working in partnerships, collaborations, and networks of colleagues across disciplinary, institutional, and sector boundaries to make progress towards systemic improvements in undergraduate STEM teaching and learning.


Participants understand "what works" to initiate and sustain partnerships and collaborations, recognizing the potential benefits of collaborative work, and the complexity of building and sustaining effective and productive professional relationships.


Assembly facilitators spotlight effective practices in cross- and interdisciplinary teaching and learning; effective practices in cross-institutional and cross-sector (industry, government, K-12, undergraduate, graduate) projects.


Illustrative cases, breakouts for discussion, and reflection on the best ideas heard, followed by networking time to dream and plan.