Regional Network

Regional Networks

PKAL is assisting local and regional groups of STEM leaders to establish formal or informal networks, recognizing the value of time to:
  • meet with colleagues across boundaries of discipline and institutional type and spheres of responsibility
  • identify colleagues with a shared passion who are willing to share ideas and resources
  • keep abreast of best practices and lessons learned in the process of strengthening student learning in STEM fields.
Planning is underway, and all interested parties are invited to participate in the planning and/or in the network meetings.

The power of community has been a central driver for the work of PKAL since 1989. Among the words of wisdom that informs our work are these from Robert Hutchins, when he was President of the University of Chicago:

A community must have a common aim, and the common aim of the education community is the truth. It is not necessary that the members of the community agree with one another. It is necessary that they communicate with one another, for the basis of community is communication. In order to communicate with one another, the members of the community must understand one another, and this means that they must have a common language, a common stock of ideas.

In an era when communications must engage across disciplines, must consider language from a diverse set of communities—including the cognitive scientists, time for greeting, meeting, and eating is of increasingly value.