Faculty for the 21st Century

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I shall take it as self-evident that each generation must define afresh the nature, direction, and aims of education to assure such freedom and rationality as can be attained for a future generation. For there are changes both in circumstances and in knowledge that impose constraints on and give opportunities to the teacher in each succeeding generation. It is in this sense that education is in constant process of invention.

- Jerome S. Bruner, Toward a Theory of Instruction, 1996.

Our goal for the PKAL F21 Network is to foster the capacity for leadership for each and every F21 member by providing significant opportunities to explore new ways of thinking about students, about science and technology, and about society. Our hope is that in such explorations, each will discover new ways of using his/her enthusiasm, energy, and passions to make a difference. Our intent is to build a supportive alliance in which F21 members can contribute to and lead in the work of transforming the learning environment for all undergraduate students in this country. The members of the PKAL F21 Network are leaders, who, to use the definition of Barbara Kellerman of Fairleigh Dickinson University, "make things happen that would not happen otherwise."

F21 Newsletter
December 2007