2004-2006 Leadership Initiative Seminar

2005 PKAL LI Seminar: Research-Rich- Hope College; Holland, Michigan

April 15 - 17, 2005

This seminar, held at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, will focus on revisiting and redefining the institutional team’s vision of a research-rich learning environment. Teams will work on developing a vision; goals; strategies; and an action plan. Sessions will provide specific information about the various aspects of building a research-rich learning environment, topics include:
  • considering new directions in science
  • shaping and reshaping institutional policies and practices
  • developing and nurturing faculty
  • tackling key curricular questions
  • designing spaces that reflect the institutional vision.

Presenters & Facilitators

Christopher C. Barney, Hope College
Lori Bettison-Varga, The College of Wooster
James N. Boelkins, Hope College
Maria Burnatowska-Hledin, Hope College
Mark S. Chadwick, Ballinger
Leah Chase, Hope College
Max De Pree, Herman Miller, Inc.
Patricia Ann deWinstanley, Oberlin College
Judith A. Dilts, James Madison University
Shila Garg, The College of Wooster
James M. Gentile, Research Corporation
Jason G. Gillmore, Hope College
William Gustafson, Ballinger
Mark C. Hartmann, Harley Ellis Devereaux
Elizabeth F. McCormack, Bryn Mawr College
Sylvia F. Nadler, William Jewell College
Graham Peaslee, Hope College
Paul S. Pyenta, McMurry University
Christopher E. Rohlman, Albion College
Michael Seymour, Hope College
Debra Sietsema, Hope College
Darin Stephenson, Hope College
Joanne Stewart, Hope College
Gabriela C. Weaver, Purdue University Main Campus
F. Sheldon Wettack, Hope College
Don Williams, Hope College



A New Type of Undergraduate Research Experience
CASPiE: Center for Authentic Science Practice in Education
Gabriela C. Weaver
Building a Research-Rich Learning Environment
The Hope College Story from the Provost's Perspective
James N. Boelkins
Building the Vision: Baylor 2012
Providing Outstanding Academic Facilities
Mark C. Hartmann

Reports, Best Ideas, & Proceedings

The Role of a Provost in Undergraduate STEM Research
An Interview with James N. Boelkins
James N. Boelkins
Hope College participated in the 2004 - 2007 PKAL Leadership Initiative [LI]. Hope College hosted one of the PKAL LI Seminars. We capture in the interview presented here the essence of discussions during that weekend, specifically as they provided important insights about the how and why of a research-rich undergraduate learning environment.