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Disciplinary Society-Educational Association (DSEA) Alliance

Sparked by a 1977 day of dialogue on the NSF Shaping the Future report, representatives of national disciplinary societies and educational associations (DSEA) have been meeting regularly to gain a common sense of the issues and challenges to be addressed by STEM leaders and to explore collaborative efforts to facilitate local and national efforts toward reform. There are many well-established and productive efforts within these societies that are beginning to benefit from sharing of ideas and linking of programmatic activities; these range from programs for new faculty and new department chairs to workshops on new pedagogies– "teaching in the field."

In late 2003, DSEA representatives identified a common goal around which to develop a shared agenda: to increase the diversity of the community of undergraduate STEM faculty in the coming decade.

Goals for Student Learning

In preparation for a spring 2005 PKAL publication, representatives of disciplinary societies were asked for goals for student learning prepared by their community. We present here materials from Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience- Graduates of an undergraduate program in neuroscience are expected to have completed a curriculum that enable them to demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • awareness of critical natural science and psychological principles
  • awareness of experimental methodology, design and data analysis
  • awareness of historical trends and theoretical perspectives that inform the field of neuroscience
  • advanced awareness of a particular area of areas of study within neuroscience
  • critical thinking and independent thought
  • effective communication skills
  • an awareness of the concept of personal responsibility for research conduct.

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Disciplinary Society-Educational Association (DSEA) Alliance

Reports, Best Ideas, & Proceedings

Shaping the Future of Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education, 1997
Proceedings from the PKAL Day of Dialogue
Proceedings and recommendations from the PKAL Day of Dialogue at the National Academy of Sciences on roles of professional/disciplinary societies in undergraduate STEM education.

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