Atlanta Regional Network

As decided by a small planning group earlier this year, the initial thrust of the Atlanta network will be on enhancing research opportunities for undergraduate students by sharing regional resources. To set the stage for our discussion on the 9th, we would like to begin by:

  • making an audit of resources available on the various campuses within the network that would enhance the research careers of our undergraduate students. This might include:
    • sophisticated instrumentation that would be accessible by others
    • collaborative projects that students from other campuses could join
    • special expertise/interest of network faculty (so if a student on one campus is stuck on a problem, someone in the network can advise)
  • making an audit of industrial and other resources that our students could take advantage of in pursuing their research activities

The network then needs to develop a "catalogue" of regional opportunities that network students and faculty can participate in, such as invited speakers, poster sessions, etc.